Shrewsbury students take to streets, calling to stop Brexit

No to No Deal: national action day, Sunday 23 June

Shropshire Youth for Europe will be taking to the streets in Shrewsbury on Sunday, to mark the No to

No Deal Brexit national day of action. Students will be meeting in the Market Square before marching

around the town and stopping off at Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski’s office.

The newly formed Shropshire Youth for Europe is being led by Oscar Redgrave, a Shrewsbury sixth

form college student studying economics. He commented: “I feel extremely passionate about stopping

Brexit and I was initially inspired to set up this campaigning group by Extinction Rebellion which

attracted students from throughout the UK using nonviolent resistance to protest against climate


“I firmly believe that the UK is better remaining in Europe. The combined bargaining power of the 28

countries in the EU means we are bound to get more favourable deals than we would on our own.

Within the EU we can study, travel, work and live within Europe without visas, with research

opportunities, grants and health insurance. We have more influence internationally as a leading

member of the EU and for the last 40 years the EU has kept the peace in Europe.”

Open Britain Shrewsbury (OBS) will be supporting Shropshire Youth for EU’s March through the town,

starting in the Square at 11.00. “The OBS stall at Mardol Head will be making it clear that forcing a

destructive No Deal on the country will be undemocratic, hit the poorest first and hardest and

guarantee that the Brexit crisis continues,” says OBS chairman, Andrew Bannerman.

“Three years on from the EU Referendum, opinion polls show a majority of voters in most

constituencies across Britain now want the final say on Brexit, and a majority of people in the UK

would now vote to stay in the EU.

“There is no mandate for No Deal and no majority for it in either Parliament or the country. Crashing

out on WTO terms – the worst trading terms in the world – would threaten jobs, security and our local

NHS services.

“Far from resolving Brexit, leaving the EU without a deal would make the crisis worse and guarantee

the arguments, pain and chaos carry on and on. The public has never given its express consent to

this prospect and as we started this crisis with a referendum, so we should finish it with one.

Bob Saunders