Tactical Voting Guide: European Parliamentary Elections 23rd May

This Thursday we have an opportunity to show all our politicians that our view of Brexit has changed since the Referendum in 2016 and send to the European Parliament MEPs to represent us. The most important thing is that everyone who wants us to remain full members of the EU goes out to vote and encourages as many others as possible to do the same. 


Although it is true that we need the support of Labour MPs in the UK Parliament to defeat Brexit, the Labour Party’s stated position is not unequivocally in favour of having a people’s vote with the option to remain. As there are plenty of alternative Parties, voting for one of these will send a stronger message.


This brings us to the subject of tactical voting to potentially increase the number of clearly Remainer MEPs elected. Although the voting system for this election involves proportional voting it still favours larger parties and means tactical voting might make a difference. There are a number of websites providing advice. Remainunitedand RemainEU.orgare two that recommend voting Liberal Democrat in the West Midlands. 


Advice has now come out from Remainvoter.com. This suggests that a tactical vote for Greens in the West Midlands may increase the number of true Remain candidates by turning a possible Labour seat into one for the Greens. The end result could be 3 Brexit, and one each for Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative and Greens. The other sites suggest that tactical voting in our constituency may not make much difference and we will most likely end up with 3 Brexit, 2 Labour and one each for Conservative and Lib Dems. You may have seen comments from Lib Dems that none of their seats should be regarded as certain and as the strongest polling, truly remain party, you should support them. 

 The key uncertainty in all of this is whether you trust the accuracy of the opinion polls. It is really difficult to offer advice on this as although bashing the opinion polls after the vote is a popular sport, they are often not that far from predicting results within statistical margins of error. On the other hand, the current polling and the nature of this election suggests a huge change from historical voting intentions and therefore increases the risk of uncertainty.


Therefore firstly make sure you and everyone you know votes. Then consider which of the parties most nearly represents your views on Brexit and the other issues that we face. Then if you really cannot decide voting Green in the West Midlands might get an additional truly remain MEP elected if you believe the polls. If, however you are cautious about the strength of the Liberal Democrat resurgence in the latest polling it might be safer to vote for them. It is also possible that in the last few days things may change so keep an eye on these sites as we get closer to election day. Also keep an eye on our website as if something really significant happens to indicate a significant change in voting intentions we will provide an update there.


Finally, you might like to know that as throughout Europe voting takes place over several days, we will not get the results until counting starts on Monday 27th May.


Please vote and remember that whatever the split of Remainer MEPs elected a strong vote for Remain against the Leave parties will be an important result!     

Bob Saunders