European Elections - Press Release

10 May 2019

Vote to Remain -

European Parliament Elections

Find out who is standing for what at the Old Post Office, Shrewsbury, Tues 14 May

Shrewsbury will have the opportunity to find out more about the forthcoming European Parliament

Elections, meet the West Midlands representatives from Remain-supporting parties and gauge the

differences in their views at a meeting to be staged at the Old Post Office, Shrewsbury on Tuesday 14


Organised by Open Britain Shrewsbury, the event will explain how the EU Parliament voting system

operates, offer an opportunity to question the representatives and discuss their party manifestos.

Open Britain Shrewsbury chairman, Andrew Bannerman said:

“We will be urging people to study the

various manifestos and vote for a party which guarantees a public vote on any Brexit deal approved by

Parliament. We wish to ensure the UK has a positive future with European partners pursuing peace and


“Remaining in the EU is not the end of the story. We must work with our European partners to improve

the way the European Parliament operates and make it even more responsive to the needs of member

states and regions. We must also improve the way we work together at home - to upgrade our own


Further information from Andrew Bannerman on 01743 365956

Issued by Liz Snaith Consultants on 0174 3344986 | 07974 678833

Note for editors: Note to Remain, Open Britain meeting will be staged at the Old Post Office,

Shrewsbury, Tuesday 14 May 19.00 

Bob Saunders