Let Us Be Heard - Why you should make the effort to come.

We have been hugely successful in keeping up the campaign to reverse the referendum result of 2016 and recent opinion polls are showing that we are winning the arguments, both for a people’s vote and to remain. However, most of us are weary and wondering how we can have any further effect on events. This is especially true since Boris Johnson keeps claiming that we will leave on 31st October, with or without a deal. This is a lie, designed to reassure his supporters and demoralize us.
Parliament has passed the Benn Act which says that unless Parliament can support a deal or agree to no deal the Prime Minister must write and ask for a further extension to Article 50. It seems very unlikely that the EU can agree to anything that will command a majority in Parliament. The key date for this decision is October 19th, the day after the EU heads of Government summit which can approve any deal. It is therefore likely that Parliament will be sitting while we march and rally outside. We need to show Johnson, our MPs and the European Union that the claims made that the British People “just want Brexit done” are not true and there is massive support for the issue to be put back to the electorate with a likely outcome that we would vote to remain.There are many in Parliament working to prevent a disastrous Brexit and for a further Referendum. We need to show them that they have public support by being on the streets of London on 19th October. We have all been working hard over the last three and a half years. Now is not the time to give up!Please pass this message on to your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family and ask them to join us. We look forward to seeing you on 19th October.

Bob Saunders