Do you listen to Radio Phone -ins?

If you have some time to spare you can help the campaign for a People’s Vote by joining in local radio phone-ins to present our case.

Below are some tips that you may find helpful. If you do participate please let us know.


·      try to relax and smile (it lifts your voice) and be confident in your own beliefs and arguments

·      keep answers short, succinct and to the point

·      stay calm


·      get angry if someone says something you don’t agree with

·      be rude or disparaging to people just because of their political views (that will not swing people around to our way of thinking)

·      give long, rambling answers where you lose your train of thought half way through your answer

Main arguments:

Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal:

·      Shows what was promised in the last referendum can’t be delivered

·      Is a much worse deal than the deal we’ve already got in the EU

·      Will mean negotiations go on forever as successive governments try to make sense of something that makes no sense for Britain. 

Broken promises, loss of sovereignty and control:

·      Whether you voted leave or remain in 2016, nobody voted for a deal that makes you poorer and offers less control. 

·      Brexit campaigners promised we would continue to enjoy ‘the exact same benefits’ of being in the EU, while ‘taking back control’, this deal shows these promises will be broken 

·      The UK would lose all its rights as an EU member – with less trade, fewer opportunities and lower living standards.

·      We would continue to follow EU rules, but have no say over how they’re made. 

·      The same problems will apply to any form of Brexit, no matter how it is presented.  

Worse off: 

·      The government’s proposed Brexit deal will harm our economy. Even the government’s own assessments show that the UK will be worse off as a result of any Brexit.

·      Instead of £350m extra a week for the NHS, our hospitals are facing a funding and recruitment crisis – with lots of doctors and nurses from across the EU leaving.

·      Thousands and thousands of British businesses – most of which rely on trading freely: importing and exporting across the EU, now face continuing uncertainty. The Brexit agreement only promises frictionless trade for the next two years – it gives no guarantees about anything after that. 

·      More and more workers in the UK are now finding their jobs to be at risk. Companies are closing factories or deciding not to invest because they cannot be sure about the long-term future. 

·      Households across the UK are already facing bigger bills, because of the falling value in the pound.

·      British people will lose the right to live, work or study visa-free around Europe. 


The deal solves nothing: 

·      After two years of negotiations, all we really know about our future relationship is a vague ‘Political Declaration’ that leaves us in an even weaker negotiating position. 

·      Despite paying a £50 billion divorce bill, most of the major decisions have been postponed until after we’ve left, leaving us in an even weaker negotiating position than we are in now. 

·      It just means the debate about our relationship with the EU will go on forever, because all the big questions are still unanswered and successive governments will continue efforts to make sense of a deal that makes no sense for Britain. 

·      That’s why the final decision should now be handed back to the people - because only they can sort this out. 

Bob Saunders