Brexit: it’s a big deal but not a done deal

Open Britain Shrewsbury welcomes Andrew Adonis to town

Shrewsbury will have an opportunity to find out more about why the country needs a People’s Vote ahead of the final Brexit negotiations when former cabinet minister and peer, Lord Adonis addresses a public meeting at Shrewsbury University Centre on Friday 14 September.

Organised by Open Britain Shrewsbury, this is the next free public meeting in a series intended to inform and encourage debate as we all face the biggest constitutional decision of our generation in the coming months. Lord Adonis will explain why it’s vital to support the People's Vote campaign to ensure that the government's Brexit proposals are put before the country so that we, the people decide what future relationship we should have with the EU. 

Open Britain Shrewsbury chairman, Andrew Bannerman commented: “We are thrilled Lord Adonis is taking time out of his busy schedule to travel to Shrewsbury to debate Brexit with the people of Shropshire. It has become clearer in recent weeks how complex and challenging the Brexit proposals are, and we all look forward to hearing from someone with experience at the heart of Government and involved in the current Parliamentary developments, who can help inform us, whether our instinct is to leave to take a different direction, or stay in the EU and renew our role as a leading player.  

“We are part of a rapidly growing national grassroots mass movement fostering debate and rational assessment of the options the UK has - based on evidence and verified data, in this age when we are bombarded with information, much of it wrong. We are demanding a People’s Vote towards the end of the negotiations, so that the people can give their opinion on the deal reached by the Government, to reach a clear decision on the best way forward for our country, and in the meantime we are urging all voters to engage in the issues and seek out sources of information that can be trusted.”

He adds: “We are also keen to hear from all who may be interested to get involved in our group, and will be providing an update on our campaign at the meeting and a chance to get involved.”

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Further information from Andrew Bannerman on 01743 365956

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Note for editors: Andrew Adonis is a Labour peer and former cabinet minister. He is a leading voice in the People's Vote campaign and advocates that rather than leave, the UK should renew its role as a leading player in the European Union. He served as an education minister and Transport Secretary in the last Labour government before going on to chair the National Infrastructure Commission. In 2017, he stepped down from the NIC in order to oppose Brexit.

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