Write This Wrong

Many thanks to all those who came to our Pen and Pint Session last Sunday 4th November.

Over 40 people wrote hand written letters to Daniel Kawczynski and there were also a few for neighbouring Shropshire and Telford MPs. We have copied them and will ensure that the originals are sent to the correct MPs with copies to the Conservative Chief Whip and the local Conservative party Association.

If you were not able to come along you can still write to your local MP. Just click on the title to this item and you will be directed to the website with full instructions.

Whatever emerges from Mrs May’s negotiations will be a million miles from whatever anyone expected after the 2016 Referendum. This whole process has divided the country, with the more than 50% of the electorate who did not support leaving have been completely ignored by both government and official opposition. We need leaders who want to heal these divisions and giving us all a further vote once the conditions of leaving are known, with the option to remain will be an important first step.

Bob Saunders