Are Brexit Supporting MPs Really Consulting with their Constituents?

Daniel Kawczynski has announced that he is consulting with his constituents over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement before voting in the most important event in his political life. However, he has refused repeatedly to attend public meetings arranged by Open Britain Shrewsbury, a cross party group which aims to provide the public with facts on our membership of the European Union and is campaigning for a People’s Vote with the option to remain.

Open Britain Shrewsbury has held several public meetings with invited speakers to address its supporters and others on Brexit. The next will be Thursday 22nd November at the Shrewsbury Town Football Club at 7pm to be addressed by Anna Soubry, Mike Galsworthy and Madeleina Kay. Other meetings have included the parliamentary candidates of the Labour, Lib Dems and Green Parties. Despite repeated invitations to come Mr Kawczynski has repeatedly declined. During this period, he has however found time to address the Oxford Union, The Cambridge University and Islington Conservative Associations, none of which include his constituents as far as we know. 

Mr Kawczynski has repeated in letters to constituents that the decision of 17.4m people who voted to leave in 2016 cannot be ignored but there is strong evidence that people have changed their minds and democracy does not begin and end on any day particular date.

The Group also contains voters in Owen Patterson’s North Shropshire constituency and he has also declined an invitation to present his views at a public meeting targeted at the farming community where we wanted a debate on the effects of Brexit on a sector which is significant for the Shropshire economy. If we can find a pro Brexit spokesman this meeting will go ahead in the new year.

A spokesman for Open Britain Shrewsbury said “It appears that when Daniel says he is consulting his constituents this means that he is talking to his friends amongst the councillors. The public meeting, he has arranged so far is as far from the geographic centre of the constituency as it is possible. Is he scared that voters, who are now much more aware of the true alternatives to our continued membership of the EU, have changed their minds? Our local poling supports the national trend that Shrewsbury and Atcham has changed its mind and we are looking for an opportunity to present this to our local MP.”

Bob Saunders