200 Shrewsbury supporters joined crowds in London calling for a People’s Vote

People’s Vote March for the Future

21 October 2018

Over 200 supporters from Open Britain Shrewsbury travelled to London on Saturday 20 October to take part in the People’s Vote March for the Future.


These supporters making the 340 mile round trip filled four coaches and joined a crowd of over 700,000 from all over the UK in what was the biggest protest yet demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. The march was also recorded as the largest public protest at Government policy since the anti-Iraq war protest in 2003.


Open Britain Shrewsbury chairman, Andrew Bannerman said: “The number who descended on London to call for a People’s Vote on whatever deal the Government brings back from its negotiations with the EU, exceeded all expectations of both the organisers and police. The London march began at midday in Park Lane led by thousands of young people before finishing in Parliament Square where the crowds were addessed by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan; business leader Deborah Meaden; and TV host and cook, Delia Smith.


The Shropshire marchers added their voices, calling for clear options to be placed in front of them – the Government’s Deal, No Deal, or Retaining our place as a leading member of the EU. The implications of each option should be clearly and succinctly explained to the electorate. We were not offered this at the Referendum in 2016, so this is not a re-run. A People’s Vote is the only fair and democratic way out of the shambles we have witnessed since 2016.”


He added: “We are waiting for our MP, Daniel Kawczynski to respond to our request for an urgent meeting. Our polls show that his constituents are overwhelmingly unhappy with his hard Brexit stance.  A no deal brexit will be an immediate catastrophe and is completely unacceptable to most people. We, particularly younger people, who will have to live with the consequences, have the democratic right to be shown the implications of any deal made by the Government and to vote on it.’’  

Bob Saunders