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Daniel Kawczynski - Public Meeting

  • Priory School Longden Road Shrewsbury, England United Kingdom (map)

The next chance to ask our local MP to explain his position on Brexit will be at this public meeting.

Having formerly supported a No Deal Brexit he has most recently swung behind the Withdrawal Agreement. He has resigned from the ERG and started attacking his former colleagues and blaming them for divisions within the Conservative Party. Having previously said that the Northern Ireland Backstop was completely unacceptable and would lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom, more recently he is now saying that the DUP do not represent the the majority opinion in Northern Ireland. However this does not mean that he has acknowledged that the majority in Northern Ireland actually voted to remain in 2016.

Despite his change of position he remains resolutely against allowing the rest of us any further say. Apparently another referendum would damage democracy. That this is completely illogical and unjustifiable does not seemed to occurred to him. Furthermore his only proposed solution to the current deadlock in Parliament is to propose bringing back the Withdrawal Agreement for another Meaningful Vote and making it a matter of confidence. This despite the fact that there is no Conservative majority and without DUP support (see above) they are likely to lose. The outcome of this tactic therefore would be a General Election with May still as Tory Party leader, a completely divided party and the likelihood , based on option polls that we would have another hung Parliament. It would however provide us with the opportunity to vote him out, so maybe we should support this move.

I would expect that at this meeting he will be claiming that participating in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections is an unnecessary waste of time and money. the last Euro elections cost approx £109 million according to the Government. Maybe someone would like to ask him how this compares to the £4.2 billion wasted by the Government preparing for a No Deal Brexit with which they clearly were not intending to proceed?

The real reason that the Conservatives do not want to have to participate in the Euro Elections is that this poll will expose how unpopular the Government is, having completely messed up. It will also offer us the opportunity to correct the false claims made on the basis that at the last national poll (The GE in 2018) 80% of the electorate voted for Parties committed to implement Brexit.

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