Brexit is not a done deal

  • Currently, there is no deal with the EU or within Parliament itself, so it is clear the decision lies ahead of us

  • Support a People’s Vote to enable a democratic process for this very important decision, and avoid the hiatus of the current hung Parliament controlled by extreme factions

The EU is money well spent

  • Government estimates the UK receives an annual return of up to 15 times* our £6.3bn (0.3% GDP) net contribution to the EU budget (£130 per person per year) 

  • Our EU membership costs 1% of UK government expenditure

  • Since voting to leave the EU, UK growth has fallen behind other countries (1.5% compared with EU average of 2.7%). UK manufacturing has fallen to 9th place in the world from lack of investment

  • Staying in will ensure Government will have more money to spend, not less, on NHS and other services 

EU labour is keeping Britain going

  • EU nationals are more likely to be in work than any other group. Approx 83% of working age EU citizens in the UK are in work, compared with around 75% of UK and 63% for people from the rest of the world

  • European citizens in Britain deliver significant economic benefit according to almost every credible economic study; they’ll be needed in future as we build new homes, infrastructure and seize the opportunities presented by the fourth industrial revolution

  • Migrants are twice as likely to start businesses and take on staff than long-term residents in the UK.

  • UK immigration is not uncontrolled – UK borders are amongst the toughest in the world.(UK Government did not implement all the controls available, and the EU is now focused on further controls – UK should stay and work with them to face these challenges together)

  • Only one in four migrants to the UK (27%) is from within the EU. 73% of migrants from the rest of the world. In 2017/18 net EU immigration to Britain was 88,000, the rest of the world was 235,000. 52,000 Brits also emigrated to the EU and to other parts not counted in the above net figures

EU membership has made the UK the place to do business

  • Increased trade and competition improved our productivity and number of jobs over 40 years

  • More foreign investment attracted to Britain

  • 3 million jobs linked to our trade with other EU members

  • Industrial leaders – CBI, Chambers of Commerce, Small Businesses, Society of Motor Manufacturers, Airbus, the TUC and many more – all say they need us to be in a very close union for customs and services as next best thing to being in the EU’s single market

The EU - the gateway to global trading

  • The UK enjoys 49% of its trade tariff free to the EU, the world’s largest free trade bloc - 500m population, accounting for 20% of the world’s GDP

  • Single market has eliminated tariffs and has reduced costs and administrative burdens 

  • 61% of UK trade is via EU trade deals; they’d take many, many years to replace and the UK has only one eighth of current buying power so terms will be less favourable

  • As well as the EU 27 states, the UK trades with 64 more countries thanks to EU-brokered trade deals - that’s 91 countries in all

Less red tape? Don’t bet on it

  • UK Parliament is Sovereign; there is no United States of Europe and no way this could be imposed

  • 99 +% of EU directives are what the UK voted for – we almost always get what we want

  • Currently we are privileged as rule makers; leave the EU and we’ll become rule takers. This will be a loss of control

  • European Commission comprises civil servants appointed by member states and approved by directly elected MEPs. Britain has 400,000 civil servants, dwarfing the European Union‘s 33,000

Stronger together on the global stage

  • Europe helps us punch above our weight on the global stage: eg, combatting climate change, fighting terrorism, providing cheaper travel, delivering structural funding  

  • Staying in will ensure we are rule makers amongst the other 27 nations, not rule takers

  • EU membership has made it inconceivable we have another war between EU members, and we are more able to prevail against external threats